Still travelling….

One flight to go.
I got into Melbourne late last night and crashed at my sister’s place. Will be making the final hop over the water to Tassie shortly.
Internet access has been sporadic at best. Got online in Amsterdam but it wouldn’t hook me up with my gmail account (!) so have been out of the loop for the best part of 2 days. I hope you’ve been behaving yourselves 🙂
For those who haven’t seen it yet, there is a letter to all Saab owners from Jan-Ake Jonsson over at the Saab Newsroom.

I would like to thank you and all Saab customers, who have stood by us throughout this journey. Many of you have rallied, convoyed, blogged and otherwise helped carry the torch to save Saab. Your commitment underlines the remarkable strength of the Saab brand and bodes well for the future.

You can let JAJ know you care at that link.
When all this deal business was still ongoing, my mate Dave and I had an agreement that we’d meet up in Trollhattan for a drink once it was all done. We did that during the week.
Dave had a much better camera with him than what I had, hence he was able to take some magnificent photos like this one, from Trollhattan airport.
trollhattan airport Tree.jpg
For a southerner like me, it really was astounding to see so much snow. Sweden (and Saab) make even more sense to me now.
More cakes!
These ones are from Beechwood Saab in the UK, where they’re having their Re-Bjorn weekend to celebrate the Saab sale.
ReBjorn Cakes.jpg
I hope you UK dealers are getting some good interest this weekend. We’ve got a long road to travel.
Will have more later when I get back to Tas.

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