SU Calendar – February 2010

January 2010 will always be remembered as the down of a new era for Saab, and rightly so.
But for me, as a Saab blogger, the month will forever be associated with the efforts we all made together to keep Saab in the spotlight and support the company.
Hence, it seems only right that a Saab Support Convoy feature as the wallpaper for this month. More than that, it’s fitting that the photo comes from Holland, where the whole idea started.
This image was taken by Aart Goedhart and the way the low sun is hitting the cars, setting them off with a golden hue, is a fitting remembrance of what was a magical occasion. OK, so it doesn’t reflect the freezing cold weather, but it looks good 🙂
Click to enlarge and then download this image, suitable for a 24″ widescreen. You can then re-size it to your needs.

Thanks to Aart for the permission, to David J (driving the convertible) for the idea and of course, thanks to Calendar Guy for the treatment.
Griffin Up!

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