SU Site Stats – January 2010

These are a few days late, but better late than never.
It’s fair to say that January 2010 was a month the likes of which we’re unlikely to see again for some time.
A normal month during the latter half of 2009 would see around 400,000 pageviews here at Saabs United. As you’ll see, January 2010 was nothing at all like a normal month. The possible demise of Saab and subsequent sale on January 26th drew an incredible amount of interest from all around the world.
January 2010 saw Saabs United use up 529 GB of its 100GB per month allowance 🙂
It also saw nearly five times the usual amount of traffic, with over 1,900,000 page views for the month. Here’s the graph:
Now, I know what you’re thinking…… “But I pressed F5 so much it’d account for nearly half of that”….. and yes, there was quite a bit of refreshing going on. But still, the site normally serves those 400,000 pages to around 50,000 or so individual users.
This month, there were over 166,000 individual users who jumped onto Saabs United.
Who says no-one cares about the Saab story?
The Top 10 countries were as follows:
As an additional note, Sweden is normally in the top few countries visiting, but it’s never usually that close to being #1 in terms of visitation.
In fact, three of the top four cities visiting the site are in Sweden – Stockholm (1), Goteborg (2) and Trollhattan (4). London was #3.
Back in November 2009, there was only one visit to this site from Zeewolde, the home city of Spyker Cars. In January 2010, it seems the Spyker employees are a bit more interested in their new big brother:
G’day to my old mate, ctm, whom I still miss a great deal around here.
And I’m pretty sure this was my first ever visitor from Uzbekistan. Welcome!
And this month’s novelty statistic – the top 10 referrers to this site for the month. These are sites from which people have clicked on to SU.
SU itself is rated at #1, I assume due to internal links (comments, linking to another post, etc).
As I said, I don’t think we’ll see another month like that one for a long, long time.
And for Saab’s sake, and their employees, etc, I hope we never see such a month ever again!

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