Sunday Snippets – corporate blog edition

The saying “the customer is always right” is one of my pet peeves. From personal experience and plenty of anecdotal evidence, it’s quite clear that sometimes the customer – to put it in Shakespearian terms – is an ass.
There’s a little fight going on between Tesla and Car and Driver magazine at the moment. Read this (C&D take the Tesla out and get stranded), then read this (Tesla explain that it wasn’t used as intended), and finally this (C&D crack the sads), and then tell me what you think.
I think it’s an interesting use of a corporate website and a fair one, though I also think they’re going to have to produce some of the car’s logs to back up their position.
Products, especially products like a Tesla, are intended to be used a certain way. People who buy them do their research and know that. If you just assume it’s like any other vehicle and get into trouble, who’s fault is it, really?
The best thing about tuning the calendar page over to a new month is that there’s [usually] a bunch of new entries over at Sniff Petrol.
This month, there’s even a Saaby entry!

“For sure it has not been easy,” said Spyker spokesman, Mjetro van den Plas. “When we turned up at the SAAB factory to get it started again we were a little puzzled that we could not find the lock. It was only after a while we realised it was not in the normal place on the door but for some reason had been placed on the floor about two metres away”.

The guys behind Sniff Petrol also do a podcast called Gareth Jones on Speed and the latest one, #108, has a funny introduction, too, featuring a cameo from not-Victor-Muller. #107 deals with Saab too.
Via Autoblog – a new Spyker dealership has just been opened in Los Angeles. Lots of good photos in the gallery there (and I’ll have some more Spyker eye candy from Colorado shortly, too).
Some great photos of a beautiful black Saab 900, starting here.
And from comments, a Finnish photoshoppers view on a Saab 9-3 Sporthatch.
Yes, please!

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