Swedish government approve guarantees for Saab’s EIB loan

The final hurdle prior to Spyker closing the Saab purchase deal was cleared today when the Swedish National Debt Office submitting a proposal to provide loan guarantees for Saab’s loan from the European Investment Bank.
From SvD

– Debt Office has said that the business plan is reasonable and there is collateral for the guarantee. There are risks, but they are acceptable, “said Olofsson.

Do a Googletrans of the SvD article and you’ll see there’s a whole section there where Maud takes a bow for being so thorough and another bit where SvD try and trip everything up by unveiling some sinister investor in the background. Both were too unpalatable for print here.
The bottom line:
The National Debt Office is satisfied that Saab’s business plan has a chance of success and they are also satisfied that there is stable ownership, and sufficient collateral in place to guarantee the loan.
The double-bottom line:
It’s all systems go, baby!!

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