Swedish Saab dealers offer Spyker financial support

As many of the Swedish papers have been reporting this week, Spyker have a third instalment to pay to GM of around US$25million for the acquisition of Saab, due in the middle of 2010. The big story for them, of course, was that funding for this final payment had not been secured yet, despite it being months away with potential investors already at the door.
Swedish Saab dealers have now stepped up to the plate in a unified display of support for Spyker’s ownership and the future of Saab.
A Googletrans from SVT:

The Swedish Saab dealers can help Spyker with the money that is missing in order to secure the purchase of Saab Automobile. Saab dealers are ready to put up 180 million (krona), said business daily Dagens Industri.
The offer is not empty words – it is based on a decision on GM dealers’ board meeting recently and should be viewed as a security for Spyker in the continuing negotiations.
“We have no doubt that Spyker can finance itself. But if there is a request we can offer help,” says Lars

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