The Awkward answer – what you’d be buying if Saab….(I still can’t say it)

I posted the awkward question during the week – What would you be buying if Saab….. (I can’t say it).

Thyl was kind enough to prepare a compilation of the answers that were provided in comments – a kind of post-apocalyptic Saaby portrait, of you.

Following are Thyl’s findings from your answers……


And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the statistics (almost certainly, miscounted or misinterpreted at some stage, but well, here it goes anyway):

1. There was a strong preference to keep on driving used Saabs first and foremost: I stopped counting after 53 votes.

2. Volvo; 46 YES, 6 NO (diff = 40)

3. Alfa Romeo; 25 YES, 1 NO (diff = 24)

4. Subaru; 22 YES, 3 NO (diff = 19)

5. Audi; 23 YES, 10 NO (diff = 13)
5. LR/Jag; 13 YES

7. Mercedes: 15 YES, 4 NO (diff = 11)

8. BMW; 18 YES, 10 NO (diff = 10)

9. Citroen; 9 YES
9. VW; 13 YES, 4 NO (diff = 9

11. Mazda; 7 YES

12. Skoda; 8 YES, 2 NO (diff = 6)

13. Porsche; 5 YES
13. Lancia; 5 YES

other Japan: 17, other France: 7, other US: 11

And here are some of MY conclusions:

Some surprises here. Volvo so big, amazing, because their perception beyond being Skandinavian is quite different from Saab’s. It appears that this Swedishness is an important factor indeed!

Next surprise is Alfa Romeo. It might be deduced that for those people, driving fun and exterior design is more important than interior design/space, and reliability. So, Saab should improve the suspension?!

The same holds for Jaguar, I guess?

And then there is Citroen; also well known for their good riding performance, yet I would guess quite different from Alfa’s.

Also quite amazing the mentioning of sport cars. Not only Porsche, but also others.

And finally, almost exclusively European brands, even by those from America.

Specific cars mentioned several times: Volvo C30 (9), Skoda Superb (6), Alfa Romeo 159 (7); Citroen C6 (2?); Audi A2/4/Q5

Quite clearly, Saab drivers do not cater to the concept of “premium”, as the alternatives mentioned (even Dacia) impressively show.

To me, it appears that we could well agree on what makes a Saab a Saab, but could certainly not agree on what could replace it, because there are several different focusses for different people.

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