The awkward question: What would you be buying if Saab….. (I can’t say it)

I received some mail about this and I’ve been holding off asking it because it seems a little bit macabre. PT alluded to it in comments on the Audi A5 Sportback post earlier, so I figured “why not?”
It is one of those interesting questions and once you get past the awkwardness of it all, I’m sure it’ll provide for some interesting answers.
The Saab deal looks incredibly promising and I’m really looking forward to seeing Saab under Spyker’s ownership and Victor Muller’s influence. I think the future is extremely bright.
However, picture life in an alternate universe where Saab is now being wound down and you’re being forced to re-think your vehicle purchase choices. It’s time to ‘fess up and spill the beans.
What would you be looking to buy if Saab were being closed down?
Are you holding out for the 9-1 and would therefore start looking at Minis, or the Audi A1?
Would you save some money and change tack completely, looking at the Hyundai Genesis Coupe?
Or would you just keep buying old Saabs until there were none left?
I think it’s a fairly open secret around here that Alfa Romeo occupies a pretty large space in my heart so I’d probably be looking to Italy for my future vehicle needs (and may still pick one up in the near term to accompany the Saab fleet).
I’ve also had a big soft spot for Jaguar ever since my Dad bought me a book on them around 25 years ago, so maybe one of those would occupy my future years as well.
The only other marque I’ve got on my must-own list at some stage is Porsche, but that one’s looking less and less likely as I can’t justify plowing $30K into a 30 year old car – plus maintenance.
So, if worse came to worst, where would you be looking?

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