Thursday night mega-snippets

Lots going on at the moment, so a mega-snippet entry’s going to have to tie all the smaller stories together tonight.
Congratulations to Mark W in Germany, who’s wife just bought another little Saaber into the world yesterday, a little boy to join his big sister, Lea.
If you’ve got a 2000-2009 Saab and are missing an owner’s manual, Andy Rupert’s got you covered.
Volvos, too.
Speaking of Volvos, there’s a dealer in New Jersey that seems to be going after Saab owners with incentives.

Additional offerings available during the spring sales event include up to $1,000 in loyalty cash for all Volvo and Saab owners on all models…

Trying to cash-in on the mistaken belief that Saab have fallen over, I think.
We’ve got some incredible background on this week’s incorrect story that came out of Boston, too. Will cover that on the weekend. Journalism at it’s finest – NOT!
Sweden’s Lovefilm has collated their all-time best Saab moments in movies and TV.
Not surprisingly, they all involve Saab convertibles.
Can’t help but continue to follow the Toyota fiasco.
From Jalopnik, this is an awfully tactless new ad campaign for the most recent recall candidate (steering problems), the Corolla.
It not only features a brace of Zombies, but also the ‘moving forward’ slogan (whether you like it or not).
AutoZeitung have some 9-5 wagon spyshots going….
And finally, another tale from the Saab Support Convoys…..
One of the guys who organised the convoy in Brno, Czech Republic, made a bet with some friends that he’d eat his tyres if they got more than 50 cars in attendance.
This is, of course, a good motivator for people and as a result, there were 60 or so cars at the Brno convoy.
Feeling some compassion for their friend Ludvik, the locals got a special edible tyre made up for him and I’m sure a good time was had by all as they helped him finish it off.
Another Saab cake!

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