Thursday Snippets – Aztek edition

Am trying – and loving – Google Buzz. Not having to log into a separate platform like Twitter is quite refreshing, although I still like Twitter too.
Photos and video to come later today, but as I sit here writing this, my Monte Carlo is getting fitted up with a beautiful 3-inch Hirsch Performance cat-back exhaust*.
Am I excited? Yes, I am.
A woman in Alabama refused to allow her son to use his father’s surname, which happens to be Saab.
She actually got thrown in jail for this. 5 days for each offence.
Don’t mess with the Saab, lady!
Want more of this?
Start here and keep click the photos to the right…..
Off topic, but in tune with my advertising interest…..
I can’t believe that David E Davis got this column on Go Daddy’s superbowl commercial so darn wrong.
Actually, I don’t understand why he wrote it in the first place, but that’s beside the point.
David, the ads aren’t meant to compete with Snickers. They’re meant to get people familiar with web hosting (not you, I know) to go to the Go Daddy website to view the full ad and then look around at services. It’s sexploitation at its most basic, but it obviously works for Go Daddy as they’re back year after year.
Is the Nissan Juke the ugliest car since the Pontiac Aztek?
And does it combine this most uncelebrated of monikers with being less functional than the Aztek at the same time?
You decide.
Disclosure: Hirsch Performance are the only company with whom I exchange advertising for product and this exhaust, along with the ECU I recieved last year, are payment-in-kind requested by me for advertising services at TS and SU.

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