Tuesday Snippets – Captain Slow, Let them eat Cake edition

Security staff at Arlanda Airport, the main airport in Stockholm, will be having a little Saab Support Convoy of their own today.

Two of the staff there are massive Saab nuts, so they’re bringing in some cakes to celebrate Saab’s recent good news:



What an absolutely brilliant happening!

And speaking of backed goods…….


Here’s a little story from Saab’s internal newsletter:

“Baked muffins for everyone in the factory.

One day last week, just before the deal with Saab/Spyker was a fact, we got a phone call to the information department from a private individual who wanted to bake muffins for those who work in production.

– How many employees do you have in the factory, he asked.

– We are about 1,300 people, we replied. We hung up the phone and asked ourselves if we understood it all right.

Today Linda and Jan W, who recently moved to Vargön, arrived at Saab with 1,311 muffins for the production staff.

– We wanted to show that we care,” says Linda and Jan, who followed the battle for Saab. “We knew there were many who risked to lose their jobs.”

Anna-Lena Nystrom, Dagfrid Snäll, Ann-Christin Andersson and Anita Käll from the production area received the muffins to distribute them in the factories. We all asked the same question? Have you baked all this stuff at home in the kitchen?

-Yes, we have. We started on Tuesday and finished this weekend. We are delighted that people in our surroundings has been committed to us and would like to do something for others.

It is not the first time Jan and Linda show his humanity. This Christmas they invited lonely people without family or friends, into their own home to celebrate Christmas.


James May – aka Captain Slow from Top Gear – has written a wonderful perspective piece concerning an ex-girlfriend, another ex-girlfried, their repective fathers, a Volvo….. and Saab!

I think this might be interesting. Other, massive car makers would consider Saab as a slightly left-field curiosity; something of an indulgence and a way of making themselves appear more interesting. GM owning Saab is really no different from my old girlfriend’s father owning a Saab back in 1978. But to Spyker, Saab is a towering mainstream colossus. Spyker buying Saab is like the treasurer of a residents’ association buying Barclays Bank.

But now fire up your internet and take a look at the Spyker C8. Do we really want the people who came up with that to be building a regular four-door saloon?

Yes please.

I got a scanned copy of this on the weekend and I’m so pleased it’s come out online now as it really is recommended reading.


Throughout the Saab sale process, we all got to recognise which news services did a good job of reporting accuately and up to date, and which one weren’t so crash hot.

Let’s just say that Reuters didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory and today, they’ve managed to do something that seems almost impossible.

In an entry dated February 1st, they’ve written the following:

Sweden’s other major car brand, Saab, is unlikely to make it through the crisis, and is probably will be shut down by GM, despite a handful of late rescue offers.

Now, it is from a section called ‘Acquisitions Monthly’, so there’s a chance this was written earlier in the month and filed away for scheduled future publication, but still……

A terrible job.


The Toyota saga continues, with the Head Honcho for Toyota in the US going on national television to try and convonce people that they’re on top of things.

Problem: Jalopnik were watching and are claiming a reasonable ‘gotcha’.

It’s a question of whether or not he intenionally lied, or if this is just too big, with too many reports and dates for him to get his head around.

He’s certainly earling his fat salary this week…..


And finally, David Finlay from CarKeys is disappointed to find that the Saab 9-3x isn’t a sports car.

It’s not. But it’s bloody good.

David also complains about a lack of rear visibility and the fact that Euro NCAP haven’t tested a solid-roof Saab 9-3 since late 2002 (i.e the intro of the Sport Sedan model).

My advice to David: drive forwards, not backwards, try not to roll the car and don’t worry, the car is as safe now as it was in late 2002 because structurally, it hasn’t changed.

He seems to like it over all, but there’s not much to read beyond some facts and figures.

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