Update – Observed fuel economy after Maptuner stage 1 upgrade

The Chronology……
First, a mate of mine named John upgraded his 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero V6 using the new Maptuner plug-in software upgrade device from Maptun.
Next, he reported some observed fuel economy figures from a 500km trip he did in the car a short time afterwards.

Computer fuel consumption showed 7.4Ltrs/100km on arrival at Devonport (31.8mpg US and 38.2 mpg UK). Car was not moved until return journey, computer settings were not altered. On arrival in Hobart at 8pm on Saturday 23rd fuel consumption read 7.5 litres/100km (that’s 31.4mpg US and 37.7mpg UK).

The Question……
Some of you quite rightly asked at the time how that compares to his normal consumption. I did fire off an email to John about that, but he was unable to answer as he was in Western Australia on holidays.
Now returned, he’s sent me the following reply….

Fuel Consumption
Fuel consumption is about the same, maybe slightly better on highway driving and possibly slightly worse in town. Best consumption ever recorded on a similar trip (at similar cruising speed) was 7.1 litres/100klm but that was on the Launceston to Hobart leg with a good tail wind and no traffic interruptions. Previous trips to Devonport varied between 7.5 to 8.0 Litres/100klm.
I have not covered enough distance in suburban driving yet to really say what the difference is there, although the computer readings suggest it may be a little higher, which you might expect (perhaps to be fair I should factor in a very hilly home suburb).
The 7.4 litres/100klm figure I quoted for the northern trip (with ECU upgrade) had quite a few interruptions of slower traffic hence the slightly lower consumption perhaps.
I think the extra performance lends the car to being driven with a bit more gusto. Given normal driving I think consumption is going to be about the same. I’m very happy so far and even if there was a small increase it would be worth it!

You are now even more up to date 🙂
I can personally vouch for the poor suburban figures we get here in Hobart. This is a very hilly city and John live up an even steeper and longer hill than what I do!

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