Update: Our Saab 9000 problems solved

We’ve finally solved the mystery ailment that was troubling our Saab 9000. I know a few of you were asking questions as to what the final verdict was, so here’s your answer.
The original problem was diagnosed as a faulty fuel pump, but $500 and new pump later, the car was starting but it took quite a bit of cranking before it would do so. You’d turn the key and the car would be trying to start for 7-10 seconds before actually starting.
Given that this is my wife’s car, I didn’t want her getting stranded anywhere so we took it in to Steve the mechanic tonight for another look.
Steve hooked up a pressure gauge to the fuel system, started the car and the gauge immediately went up to around 2.5 bar, which is OK. Switch the ignition off, however, and the pressure went down to zero, which is not OK.
Apparently there was some gunk (technical term) in the fuel pressure regulator that was stopping a valve from sealing properly. I’m running from memory here, but there was definitely gunk involved.
Anyway, Steve got a clamp onto one of the lines, which cleared the blockage and the gauge showed a steady 2.5bar – on or off.
Problem solved. The car now starts on the first turn and lives to fight another year.

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