Victor Muller to drive Saab 93 in Mille Miglia

Whilst we’re waiting……
The celebrated Mille Miglia (1000 miles) historic rally will have a particularly Saaby flavour this year, with at least one and quite possibly two entries featuring Saab corporate drivers.
Victor Muller will be driving the Saab 93, below, with his son and it’s understood Jan-Ake Jonsson will also drive an entry, though the vehicle for that entry has not been finalised as yet.
The Saab 93 being driven by Victor Muller is one of the cars from the Saab Museum. I managed to get some photos of it yesterday, whihc was timely as it was being shipped out today in preparation for display at the Geneva Motor Show in just over a week’s time. After that, it will undergo final preparations for the Mille Miglia, which is on in May 2010.
The car is an exact replica of the Saab 93 raced by Erik Carlsson in the 1957 Finnish Rally. It has a 748cc two-stroke engine, tuned to produce 65hp (up from the usual 38hp).
The Mille Miglia is an 80 year old event that was first conceived as a way for manufacturers to show their cars to the whole country. Italian manufacturers were particularly keen as they needed to lift their public image for poor reliability, which goes to show that not much changed over the first 60 of those 80 years 🙂
The event ran for around 30 years before a crashed Ferrari and resulting deaths brough about it’s end.
It was revived a few years later as a rather timid regularity event, but that only lasted a handful of years before people lost interest.
Since 1977, the Mille Miglia has been run as an historic event, fesaturing only vehicles of note and pedigree that were built pre-1957.

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