Video: Hirsch Performance exhaust system

I got my new exhaust system through the week and a few people asked for some video, hence the new video below.
The exhaust system, from SU Sponsors and Saab’s official tuning house, Hirsch Performance, is a 3-inch stainless steel cat-back system (meaning it goes from the catalytic converter back, it’s not a full system).
The video might not be what you expect. This is no monstrously loud system, but it’s very, very good. The exhaust system’s job is to get exhaust gases out of the combustion chamber as efficiently as possible, not be as loud as an AC/DC concert.
This one produces a slightly deeper note than the stock system but it’s not really any louder. What the system does very effectively is get the gases out quickly and subtly increase the power and responsiveness of the engine.
Yes, I’m one very happy camper 🙂

The exhaust installation has increased the power a little and over all, the car is very quick now. One thing both I and my mechanic have noticed, however, is that under load, the clutch is slipping a little.
As you can see from my driveway, the clutch gets a fair workout every time the car is driven and given that it’s fairly old, the fact that it’s slipping a little should be no surprise.
I guess a heavier duty clutch will be the next thing on my shopping list…..

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