Viggen soft-top ‘pop’ – problem?

Quijote has just posted this one in comments and as it’s a prospective purchase (of a Viggen, no less) I figured time was of the essence…..

I just came across a beautiful Viggen convertible that I think I may snatch up.
In fact I was about to pull the trigger when I receive this video, as requested, of the soft top motion. There is a pretty loud pop when the lid opens up, whether the top is folding in or out of the compartment. Can you please check out the video, I’d like your opinions on what that may be.
Cause for concern?
Hydraulic leak?
Soft top failure on the way?
Or just an annoying noise, but nothing to worry about like the dreaded SIDs?
I previously owned a 9-3 SE and Viggen convertible and it never made this noise, although the 9-3 SE did suffer from quite a few soft top failures, the Viggen was solid.
Your thoughts? Can you post them here please?

And here’s the video:

Any of you convertible owners with similar issues, please feel free to advise.

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