Vladimir Antonov – plans to build Saabs for Russia

Say what you will about Vladimir Antonov – he certainly sounds disappointed to be removed from the Saab deal. And I don’t think he’s just regretful about the damage done to his reputation, either. I think he’s quite likely one that we’d call a true believer in the future for Saab.
Antonov did an interview with the Rapport news program in Sweden. In the interview, he talks about the plans that may have been proposed for Saab whilst he was a potential part-owner.
Those plans most notably include the notion of building older Saab models as lower-priced vehicles in Russia for the Eastern European market. He mentions a price as low as US$12,000 which would be a fair step down from the current prices.
I guess you could say it’s re-creating the BAIC deal but with newer technology and with the long-term benefits staying inside Saab’s accounts.
Whilst the commentary is in Swedish, the Antonov dialogue is in English so the rest of us can take it in as well.
Vladimir Antonov was key to the Saab sale proceeding because he willingly gave up his shares in Spyker in order to smooth the path for the sale. He seems genuinely interested in the future of Saab and genuinely disappointed in having to miss out.
I hope he can find a way to stay associated with Saab into the future.

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