WBZ TV in Boston pull erroneous story promo mentioning Saab

Hey folks, you did it again.
Over the weekend, Kevin Q sent me a story about a TV channel in Boston who were running a promotion for a story that included Saab. The promotion wrongly described Saab (and Saturn and Volvo) as being brands that were “about to disappear” from the market.
We wrote to them en masse and today……result!

Thank you to everyone for their responses to our recent promotion on changes in the industry. We regret the erroneous information regarding Saab. We wrote the story before a deal to save the automaker was struck, and failed to check it again before the promo was written. The promotion has been pulled and the correct information will be presented this evening during our 5pm newscast.

Thanks to WBZ-TV4 for listening and for their actions on this story. It’s a great outcome for all concerned.
And thanks again to Kevin for bringing it to our attention.

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