Welcome SE Pennsylvania Saab Club!

One of the great outcomes from the Saab Support Convoys is that there will be several new Saab Car Clubs formed out of people getting together for a common cause.
Whilst there are a couple of car clubs in Pennsylvania already, there’s nothing in the south-eastern area so John Carter has decided to leverage the support of his employer – General Sales Saab in West Chester, PA – to form a local Saab Club: the SE Pennsylvania Saab Club.
The support of the dealership means that there are no membership fees for interested people and the club will have a base for meetings, etc.
John has set up a forum for interested persons and hopes to get a few activities going, with a view to maybe organising a combined activity with members of the three other PA Saab clubs at some stage.
Link: SE Pennsylvania Saab Club forum.
Good luck to all of you. It’s always great to see a new Saab Club form and get active in their support and enjoyment of the brand.

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Jeff Shore

John Carter is sadly no longer with General Sales Co. – however I am now. I still communicate with John and will be trying to take over and push for an active SEPA Saab Club and a future meet with NEPA Saab Club could be in the works. General Sales Saab of West Chester will still be the hosting location as of now.

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