What to do about Saab dealer finance?

If you’ve visited this site in the last 24 hours then I’m sure you’ve seen the up close and personal look at the hardship being faced by one particular Saab dealer in the US. It may be time for us to band together once again and show some tangible support for Saab dealerships in order to try and some of them survive until the situation is more stable.
The exact form of that support is yet to be determined. I’m waiting on some feedback from the Saab dealer group in the US and of course, it would be prudent to see if there’s already a plan in place at the global level. This might be underway already. We don’t know.
The #1 lubricant in business is cashflow. It keeps the machine running. Saab, the car company, need to be able to pay their employees and suppliers, which is why they can’t just give cars to dealerships and get the money several months later when the car is sold. This is why floorplan financing exists, because Saab need cash from dealers in exchange for providing stock.
That business model is stuck at the moment because the banking sector is reluctant to provide that sort of finance to Saab dealerships. What’s needed first and foremost is to get that particular mechanism un-stuck.
US banks received billions upon billions of dollars in bailouts in 2009 and it seems only right that they should use their resources on a prudent business decision to support local jobs and businesses.
Hopefully there might be a role that US Saab owners can play in terms of raising awareness amongst US decision makers who can help in assisting these US businesses.
Allow me to pass on a few comments from the post I linked to above….
From Saabseller:

The public has to start to support the dealers too, get your car serviced, trade your car on a newer car… most dealers, like myself have had no ‘new’ cars come through for over a year. We had pool stock that was mostly 07 build. I worked my way through them until only orphans were left. Most GM multi franchise dealerships have been told to get the Saabs out of the shop.
Don’t just waffle, buy a Saab…. {thanks to those that have}

And from Van God Los:

I don’t want to be a pain in the *ss but honestly, if a local workshop charges me 90EUR for new filters and oil ( a small service), why I should pay 150EUR at my local saab dealer for the same service? That’s one of the reasons why my former 9-3 went to the local workshop and not to an official Saab workshop.

We DO need to support Saab dealers in terms of buying vehicles, either new or CPO, and getting service there.
Dealers also need to ensure they make it easy and attractive for us to come. The two biggest hurdles, from my point of view, are trained staff and pricing.
What it boils down to is meeting in the middle, which will come eventually, I’m sure.
I’ll get back to you with some firm plans for support once a recommended path comes through to me.

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