You make the news – Zeewolde, EIB and SNDO edition

UPDATE below

There are three big things that we’re hoping for today.
Assuming that they don’t do announcements on the weekend (I could be wrong), it’d be nice if the Swedish National Debt Office and the European Investment Bank made some announcements prior to the closing date for the deal (Monday). They could do it Monday morning, I guess.
The other big event today is the Extraordinary General Meeting being held by Spyker Cars in Zeewolde. Shareholders will be voting on a number of issues (see the Agenda for the meeting here). I fully expect that meeting to progress smoothy, even if there are some questions asked about finance.
A press conference should be held after the EGM.

It appears that the shareholders of Spyker Cars have voted in favour of the acquisition. There was a live-blog of the shareholder meeting, in Dutch.
A Googletrans of the record states the following at the end:

Applause: shareholders vote massively in the acquisition.
Friday, February 12, 2010 12:54

Spyker will do a press conference when it’s all said and done.
Thanks to Robert P for the CoverItNow link.
Whilst you’re waiting for all that to happen, enjoy an article from Henk Noort, a psychologist and researcher from The Netherlands.
My googletrans might not be overly accurate, but I think you’ll get the picture.
On the day that I drove home in my first Saab convertible, Spyker CEO Victor Muller took on Saab…..
……Previously I had nothing to do with cars, but [the right] Saab changed me into a petrol head. The Saab convertible [has been] my wet dream for decades. The declining ‘saab’ of the brand did love cool, but when I saw the sovereign 9.3 2.0t, I was instantly in love again…..
……Friends and acquaintances constantly show me the disadvantages: it is not economical, maintenance and sensitive as a family car and totally inappropriate for our maritime climate. That may be so, but dreams are by definition irrational. Mullers dream calls in our risk averse culture zesje same envious reactions. I’d rather give him the benefit of the doubt.
……Dare to dream and to live up against oppression, is what life is. It inspires others to do the same. Mullers feat even brought our Prime Minister to his neck out by stabbing the daredevil publicly embrace. So no immediate consensus that Dutch scythe, rather take an example of Victor Muller. He began his entrepreneurship on credit by a Jaguar V12 expensive to buy. So he forced himself to realize his dreams. The course does not have to cost tons, funded my dream-Saab has the same effect. Chase your wildest dreams, dare to take an advance and put your pedal to the metal!
I’m getting an early night. I need one.

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