Allt om Motor: All Saab diesels to emit under 120g/kg CO2 (eventually)

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There’s an interview with Saab product manager, Magnus Hansson, appearing on the Swedish site, Allt om Motor. It’s primarily about the Saab 9-5 and how it will meet various market requirements.
One of those market needs is low emissions. People are taxed on these in some countries and governments have certain fleet purchasing rules based on them as well.
Hansson gave out some interesting information in this interview, stating the following:

All three diesel versions of 120, 150 and 190 horsepower will meet 120-gram limit within twelve months of the manual version, reveals Magnus Hansson. And with a 190-horsepower diesel engine under 120 grams, we can not compromise with driving pleasure and Saab’s core values, with a clear direction for Volvo and Volkswagen are performing great and efficient, but ‘tired’ cars.

All three diesels under 120grams???
Now, bear in mind that’s a Googletrans, but I did get tipped off about this story by Anders M, who also included a note about all three diesels’ emissions when he sent the tip.
I’m just wondering if there’s isn’t something lost in translation here, something we’re missing.
If it’s correct, then diesel fans really do have something to look forward to, as does Saab. A new 9-5 making 190hp and getting under the 120g limbo stick will be quite a popular car with the business class set, I’d imagine.
Advice via comments from those who speak the lingo indicates that this news relates to diesels in the 9-3 range of vehicles.
The sub-120 diesel for a Saab 9-5 will not come until after 2011.

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