AMS publish complete Saab 9-5 prices, options

The Saab 9-5 prices that I published a few days ago were taken from a PDF brochure that I received from Djup Strupe, via email.
I lifted only certain parts of that brochure for publication here as I figured a) they were the ones that would be of most interest, and b) the info was preliminary, so the less the better.
It seems my mates over at AMS have similar contacts as they’ve published some more of this info in a story over there, as well as providing a link to the complete PDF brochure (in Swedish).
The brochure lists pricing, as per my post the other day, as well options and packages available. As you can see at the AMS post, it also shows prospective additions to the color palette for 2011.
Please note that it’s preliminary information intended for the Swedish market. It may change and it may not be complete.

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