Award for Jan-Ake Jonsson

JanAke.jpgSwedish news service, TTELA, are reporting today that Jan-Ake Jonsson will the recipient of a business award in May.

Johan H has been kind enough to send in a translation:

Jan Åke Jonsson gets award from the Chamber of Commerce

Saab’s CEO Jan Åke Jonsson has been assigned an award of the first magnitude from the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry for decisive action for the western Swedish industry.

The motivation is as follows:

“During the past year, the discussions about Saab Automobile’s future has been hot and public. During the whole process, Jan Åke Jonsson stood up for the company in a vigorous, sustained and professional manner. Jan Åke’s hard work and ability to handle the many different stakeholders – existing owners, potential buyers and representatives from both the media and the politics – has reinforced the image of him as a highly respected leader inside the factory gates in Stallbacka and as a role model for others in the western Swedish business community.”

Jan Åke Jonsson will be assigned the award during the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s day the 3rd of May at the Swedish Exhibition Center in Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden. In connection to the dividend, Jan Åke Jonsson and Spyker Cars’ CEO Victor Muller participates in a conversation about the change of the company, the future and the leadership.

As you know, I was fortunate enough to be there when Saab were sold to Spyker and one of the events that happened on that day was Saab’s exit from liquidation, meaning that Jan-Ake Jonsson was back at the helm of the company he’d led so admirably through the sale process.

Jan-Ake’s a man with a fairly serious disposition, but at that moment in time you couldn’t find a bigger smile in the room.

This is a well deserved honour and hopefully the first of a few from the Swedish business community.


From Anders (tack!), the past winners of this award:

2009 – Per-Ingvar Brånemark, the inventor of the titanium screw
2008 – Olle Blomqvist, founder Ellos
2007 – Håkan Lans, innovator
2006 – Ivan Östholm, one of the people behind Losec
2005 – Dan Sten Olsson, Stena owner-sphere
2004 – Pelle Petterson, the designer
2003 – Arvid Carlsson, Nobel Prize in Medicine
2002 – Pehr G Gyllenhammar, former CEO of Volvo
2001 – Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA
2000 – Percy Barnevik, former CEO Asea, ABB, etc.

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