Benelux meeting on today

According to advice received in comments…..
Day 1 of the VM-JAJ Saab world tour will apparently be in Belgium, where they will be addressing Saab dealers in the Benelux market.
A few people have asked in comments if there’s a public schedule and a chance to meet with VM and JAJ to say thanks. I’d say not. These meetings are closed as they will be dealing with some market information that we’re not supposed to hear until Saab are ready to release it.
In effect, I believe these are meant to be private business meetings.
I believe they might be in the UK tomorrow.
And in an unrelated matter….
One dealer in Belgium has arranged for a little creative cross-promotion, shipping in a Spyker C8 Spyder (chassis #16) from a friendly colleague for display in their showroom.
Baltic Motors in Gent is showing the silver Spyder, which is selling for 159.000

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