Can you help this Boston University student group?

Received via email today…..
My name is Ben Timmins and I am a student at the Boston University College of Communication. I’m writing about the recent purchase of Saab by Spyker and wanted to talk to you (and the commenters) about this.
I noticed that you helped a student from the US last year at the old Trollhattan Saab website, so I thought this is worth a shot. I’ve posted a couple of questions for you and the commenters. Here’s hoping that Saab enthusiasts are opinionated people (I’ve been reading this site for a little while…I know you are)

  1. I’ve talked to a couple of dealers that weren’t exactly happy with the time spent with Saab and GM, but no one really said why. What was the issue with GM?
  2. I’m focusing in on the relationship between New England and Saab, which many people have alluded to in my research. What is it, then, with Saab and New England? Is it because Saab was located in Connecticut for so many years or is there a demographic match?
  3. Who, then, is the Saab owner? What makes him/her unique?
  4. Jamie Kitman of Automobile Magazine recently said that Saab’s uphill battle post-Spyker is gaining back customers who had fled the brand during the GM years. What does Saab have to do to get these people back? What does it have to do to help the enthusiasts?

My deadline is pretty soon so anything you can do is great. As always, thanks so much.

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