CAR Magazine talk with VM and JAJ

CAR Magazine sat down recently for a call with Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson from Saab.
There’s not a lot here that we haven’t already heard – the phrase ‘fully funded business plan’ appears prominently – but it’s good to hear it all again and confirm what we already know: the guys at the top are focused.
Some notables:

JAJ: During these past 15-18 months, we’ve had numerous interest from big OEMs to small suppliers all over the world who want to work with us. It gives us great confidence that we’ll be able to select the right partner for the Saab brand. Within the GM framework we’ve been limited to use what’s within GM. Now we can decide who we want to work with.’

VM: In the past, manufacturers clung onto their own technology and were not inclined to share. That’s one great change. Everyone now wants to share everything with everyone. That’s new. There couldn’t have been a better time for Saab to stand on its own two feet and say, “Here we are, we have something to offer you – we can reduce your breakeven point and bring things to the table”.’

VM: My experienced guess at how much it would cost to put the Aero X into production is that it will set you back

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