Crunch day snippets – feat the SSC Saab Ad.

Big day here in the real world, today.
Things will be quiet.
I’ve received a PDF copy of the new Saab ad that features photos from the Saab Support Convoys. Many thinks to Lowe Brindfors for supplying it.
Many thanks also to Elkparts, who are hosting it on their servers for you to download.
Click here to get your copy.
Saab SSC Ad - Believing
Auto Prophet recalls some details from a radio interview with Victor Muller.
My own interview with VM has been postponed until the evening (here) or the morning (there). Here’s hoping we can get it together this time.
VM on Inside Line, stressing a few things.
Interesting that they will looks to choose a partner for the much desired small Saab. I nominate Lotus, as long as that’s not too expensive.
Toyota’s worst nightmare could be on the cusp of becoming a reality.
Man lists all twelve of his Jaguar E-Types on Ebay.
The catch?
You have to buy all of them at once.
If you’re wondering why there’s so much Alfa Romeo concept work going on at Geneva this year, it’s because 2010 marks Alfa Romeo’s 100th birthday.
The 2uettottanta concept by Pininfarina
And the Pandion concept, with ‘doors’ open, by Bertone:
Cuore Sportivo!
OK, on to the big day……

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