Dutch Saabers go for dealership #3

They said it was madness when Ruud and Fernand opened up Saab Apeldoorn on April Fools Day 2009. Saab were at the beginning of sale process and the future of the brand was far from certain.
The guys had faith in the future, though. In fact, they had so much faith in the future that they opened up a second Saab dealership in Utrecht, in January 2010.
You might recall that in early January, Saab were under the control of liquidators and the situation was looking even more ominous than it was in April 2009. We were still a few weeks away from the Saab Support Convoys and GM’s standard line was no-one had come up with a deal suitable for purchasing Saab. They would be closed down.
So now, with two dealerships stitched up and Saab’s future model line assured, Ruud and Fernand are at it again. As they did in Utrecht, they’re taking over another property that’s been vacated by Smart, and turning it into their third Saab dealership.
Saab Arnhem will be located in Duiven, along the A12 – the main highway from The Hague to Germany. They’re hoping to have the new dealership kitted out and ready for the Dutch Saab 9-5 introduction in June this year.
Here’s a few small images to show the space they’ve secured. Congratulations to Ruud and Fernand for expanding again and I hope the faith you’ve shown in the Saab brand is repaid back to you tenfold.
Total view.jpg

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