Early remarks from Victor Muller at Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show hasn’t officially opened to the press yet, but things got underway in an undercover sort of way last night.
“Swisstroll” has some photos of the preliminaries on Flickr already. I’ll assume for now that Swisstroll is a mate of Etienne’s as there’s a bunch of photos at Etienne’s blog as well.
Thanks to Tim for the Flickr link.
As you’ll see in that set, all the crew are there.
As mentioned previously, there’s no new vehicle for display, but there is the Saab 93 that Victor Muller and his son will drive in the Mille Miglia. I saw that car in the Saab Museum last week and it’s great to see it on show, looking so fantastic there in Geneva (and yes, I wish I was there).
Victor Muller has been speaking with some members of the press already and he definitely sounds like he’s working in the background to secure partners for the development of a smaller Saab, below the Saab 9-3.
The Googletrans:

Car manufacturer Saab, the next five years every year at least one new model and has plans for a compact model….
….Muller is very optimistic about the future. ,, At week 12 starts production of the Saab 9-5. Next year are the 9-5 SportCombi and the 9-4X on the role, in 2012 comes a new Saab 9-3. For 2013 or 2014, a compact model, the 9-2. This is a model with a typical Saab design, starting with the classic lines of the old Saab 92, the car in which the 1949 Saab started. A design that still stands as a house, like that of a Fiat 500 or Mini. We do not go for retro, but a draft of this time, the design DNA of Saab’s inside.”

This car makes so much sense for Saab. They’ve got a fair distance to travel before it can become a real possibility, but it’s fair to say that Muller is not afraid of dreaming big dreams and following those dreams up with actions.
Nick Reilly’s comments coming next…..

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