EnG Snippets – North American Edition

Gents: I just got off the phone with Mike Colleran, President and COO of Saab Cars North America (SCNA). Most of the information Swade has ably covered over the past thirty days or so, but I’ll post for posterity nonetheless in about a day’s time.
Two things to think about:
1. There are significant rebates against 2009 Saabs still in stock. Believe me, that brand-new black 9-3 Aero Convertible isn’t going to get any cheaper.
2. Make your plans now for the Saab Owner’s Convention 2010 as soon as you can. It is sure to be heavily attended because it’s in a reasonably central location and the honeymoon is still on, so to speak. Don’t be left out!
Beware imitations!! Other automotive bloggers may misreport numbers and generally goof on basic information. Little things like the name of the Saab CEO and the number of vehicles in stock in the United States.
Stay with the name brand, SaabsUnited. The brand that you know, the brand that you trust. At least most of the time.
Update: Mr. Sheena has corrected his post to reflect the correct name of our beloved Saab CEO, but the numbers he included from the AP wire are a little off – no fault of his. We all know that stock has dwindled quite a bit, but we aren’t quite at that level yet.
U.S. February auto sales overall were up over 10% year-on-year which bodes well for the Saab “re-entry” into this market. Garnering just a 1% share would have put Saab back onto the automotive map with over 7,000 units sold in February of this year.
Certainly much to be done, but the silver lining is there if you look.

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