Feedback on the 2.8T V6 reports

I emailed a few questions to Saab yesterday about the issues reported with the V6, which is used by Saab, although the issues reported were with the engine as used in the Cadillac SRX.

You can read about the issues here.

The questions and responses received from Magnus Hansson, Global Product Manager and all-round good bloke at Saab were as follows:

1) Do Cadillac run the same engine software in the SRX as what’ll be used in the 9-5 and 9-4x? Any reason for people to be concerned?

No, they will be different. For starters the brands have different requirements on driving charectaristics and secondly we need calibrations to cover more markets (than Cadillac).

Regarding concern. No, nothing I have seen or experienced in our car gives me any reasons to be concerned and in this specific case we will actually benefit from improvements that are made to SRX softwares and over all vehicle of course.

2) Is the 2.8 due for phase-out as stated in the Automobile article and if so, what will be the replacement?

That’s the writers own speculations. 2.8T is in our plans in the near future and we will meet all regulatory requirements as such of course. That said 2.8T will not live forever, however as to how we will replace it …… it is too premature for me to be specific about that, other than we will continue to cater to the more performance orientated customers out there interested in Saab.

It should be noted that Automobile magazine claimed the engine would be phased out due to emissions concerns. In contrast to that, I’d like to highlight a comment from ‘Johan’ – a guy with a lot experience and technical knowledge when it comes to Saab engineering:

The 2.8t in its latest version meets current and future exhaust emission standards. In Europe it meets Euro 5, and Euro 6 isn’t required until September 2014. It also quite common that an engine in a current car model isn’t reclassified for a newer emission standard until it’s required. An emission certification is engine, drivetrain and car model specific.

When Johan talks, I tend to listed very closely. There are a few Johans out there, of course, but hopefully the subject and nature of the conversation should help you recognise the right one.
My thanks to Magnus for the response.

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