Forum update

It’s the end of a long weekend here and whilst posting has been slower than usual, that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle the whole time.
Work has continued slowly on the SU Forums. See below.
A new skin has been added to the Saabs United Forum.
For those wusses with sensitive eyes who couldn’t handle Laser Red, there is now an Arctic White alternative 🙂
Just scroll down to the bottom of the forum and in the footer there is a style selector drop-down box. Click that drop-down and you’ll see the options there.
Fusion Blue is next.
Avatars are finally available!!
You should crop your Avatar image before you upload. Max size is 20KB and 80x80pixels.
And speaking of Avatar, did you like James Cameron’s faux enthusiastic reaction to his ex-wife beating him out for the Best Director Oscar?
There is now a DIY forum included in the Saabology section.
That was at the request of Mike900, who posted a very good guide to making an iPhone camera mount so you can video your exhaust note:

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