Friday Quick Snippets – 4-oh edition

Hi all.
Posting may be light on the weekend due to early 40th birthday celebrations with the family this weekend. Eeks!
On a sadder note, thoughts are with the family of Jerry York this week, following his passing at age 71.
York wasn’t exactly revered around here, being the metphorical Size 12’s for billionaire investor, Kirk Kerkorian. York advocated that GM get rid of Saab a few years ago when he had a position on GM’s board. At that time, it could well have meant the end of Saab via closure, not sale, as Saab didn’t have the efficiencies or new models in place that made them an attractive company to sell in 2009.
Still, it’s sad to hear of his passing. York had a cerebral hemorrhage on Tuesday and died on Thursday.
Bad Mazda. Bad.
Doesn’t do anything for the MX-5 at all, let along commemorate an important anniversary.
The Eurotuner Saab Tuning Guide, an accompaniment to their piece on that superb Saab 900 Convertible, is now online.
Not comprehensive by any means, but a good primer and featuring my mates at Maptun, which is good to see.
The WSJ is reporting that there may be a snag in the sale of Volvo to Geely.
A new TV spot for Saab (where are the convoy photos?????)

Is it just me, or does the new McLaren ‘affordable’ car (huh!) look like a deranged cartoon car with an unsettling grin and wacky eyes?
I’m crazy!!!!!!

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