GM terminate ex-Saab heads – Spenchian, Shannon

Hmm, I wonder if it was the time spent at Saab or at Cadillac that proved to be the poisoned chalice?
From AdAge:

DETROIT ( — General Motors terminated three Cadillac marketing executives as part of this week’s management overhaul, Automotive News reports today. Steve Shannon and John Howell were dismissed Monday, said eight people familiar with the moves. Jay Spenchian, an executive director who worked on Cadillac and other brands, was also let go, the people said.

Spenchian seemed to be the more lively of the two guys in his time at Saab. He’s the one who fathered the “Born From Jets” ad campaign. Despite what we may think of it now, it was actualy pretty effective back then.
Shannon was a Buick guy before coming to Saab and his time with Saab, through no real fault of his own, coincided with the decline of the brand into the beginnings of 2009, when the division was placed on the market. It wasn’t his fault, but it was reasonably obvious from meeting him that he wasn’t ‘a Saab guy’.
Nice guys, both. Good luck, fellas.

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