Hirsch Performance Newsletter – March 2010

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the pleasure of presenting a Hirsch Performance Newsletter here at SU. That delay is most likely due to the uncertainty surrounding Saab over the last 12 months or so.
It’s great to hear from them again, and the 30% discount on software looks very attractive, indeed.
Please check the Hirsch Performance website to make sure that upgrades are available in your country.
Saab 9-3 2.0T with 240PS included in the new car line-up
In response to customer demand, the markets Taiwan, Germany and Switzerland have included the perfomance upgrade to 240 hp in their national new car price list. In other countries, individual dealers have made similar offers, and have thereby been able to meet the demand for a higher output 9-3 as the 2.8T V6 was taken out of production.
Saab Performance by Hirsch
New! 30% Discount on software performance upgrades now also for model year 2006 vehicles
From the first of January 2010, a 30% special discount on software performance upgrades is available for used vehicles (MY06 and older). This special offer makes it possible for owners of slightly older Saab models to upgrade their vehicle at a really attractive price. The discount applies to the recommended retail price for all software performance upgrades for both 9-3 und 9-5.
Saab Performance by Hirsch
Click here to check all available engine upgrades.
Run-out products……
252PS performance upgrades – only while stocks last!
The 252PS performance upgrade for Saab 9-3 2.0T (B207R) MY 03- is no longer manufactured, and is therefore only available while stocks last.
Dual exhaust for Saab 9-3 1.9TiD/TTiD – only while stocks last!
The stainless steel dual sports exhaust for the Saab 9-3 1.9TiD/TTiD is no longer manufactured, and is therefore only available while stocks last.
If it is worth doing – it is worth doing it right!
Is it about time to replace the exhaust, the dampers or the brakes on your Saab? Hirsch Performance offers you a chance to not only replace but also to improve, and that to prices well comparable with the original spare parts.
Worn out shock absorbers for the Saab 9-5? Install the Hirsch Performance sport suspension! Benefit from a more dynamic stance and improved handling and braking performance.
Corroded exhaust? Hirsch Performance offer sport exhaust systems for all engine types. Great looks, a pleasantly sporty sound, reduced exhaust back pressure and improved throttle response.
Sticking calipers, worn discs or pads? Try the Hirsch Performance 345mm brakes!
More braking performance in all driving conditions, easy to modulate and with excellent fading resistance.
Hirsch performance products are available exclusively at your authorized Saab dealership.
Saab Performance by Hirsch

Hirsch Performance are sponsors of Saabs United (though I was posting these newsletters for years before they came on board).
Hirsch Performance are the official, factory-backed tuning house for Saab, but some products are available in selected markets only.

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