Housekeeping – using search at SU

Hi all,
I thought I’d give a quick tip on the search facilities available at Saabs United.
You may or may not have noticed, but I added a second search function in the left sidebar a month or so ago.
The new search bar is the one at the top. It’s an internal text search facility that’s run by the software behind SU. As long as you know a good keyword from the story you’re trying to look for, that text search facility should work pretty well.
The more obscure the keyword, the better. Looking up stories that contain the word “Saab” won’t get you very far, but looking up the word “Christian” to see stories where Christian Von Koenigsegg might have been quoted should work pretty well.
It’s literally a text search of words used in stories here on SU.
The only catch is that it’s limited to SU. It won’t bring up any results from Trollhattan Saab or other sites used by the Google Search bar below it.
That second search bar, the Google Search, will search for documents from SU, TS, as well as several other Saab related sites that I’ve set within its parameters. I don’t find it to be particularly good, though.
Earlier today I tried a quick search through the Google search bar for a story called “Saab should go Open Source”. Despite putting the actual name of the story in the search bar, it failed to bring that story up on the results page.
Searching for “Open Source” using the text search brought up all stories that included those words, which was a few, but the story I was looking for turned up on the third page.
Anyway, I hope that helps you a little in finding some of those long lost stories. I know things can pass into the archives pretty quickly and they become difficult to find.

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