Kroum + Saab = mutual appreciation

I mentioned yesterday that I had a story to share about the Saab Cars Official page on Facebook. Here it is….
Some of you may not know that the Saab Cars page on Facebook wasn’t actually started by Saab. It was actually set up by one of our regulars here at SU. A Turbo-X owning guy in Canada that we all know as Kroum.
Kroum works on the web for a living, so when this new Facebook fanpage thingy came out a few years ago, he did as instinct told him and started a Saab Cars page. The page grew over time and Kroum updated it with the occasional bit of Saab news. Eventually, the page grew to have over 12,000 fans, at which time Kroum figured he’d best do something with it.
Kroum got in touch with me. I got in touch with Saab and then Saab got in touch with him. Kroum handed over the page to their control late last year and it’s been in the possession of Saab ever since.
It’s continued to grow, too. Saab merged the page with the one they’d set up themselves and since they’ve had plenty of recent attention and gained a new owner, there are more that 25,000 fans!
Kroum emailed me a few weeks ago to tell me about he package he received in the mail.

Just wanted to share with you what I got in the mail today – an appreciation certificate from Saab about the Facebook page I created. It’s a nice big print framed in a – you guessed it – Ikea frame. It’s a really nice gesture.

Very cool!

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