March a big month for Saab

There’s a lot happening this month for Saab.
Of course, there’s already been the Geneva Motor Show and Erik Carlsson’s birthday this month, but that’s just the start of things.
Earlier this week, Victor Muller had his first days on the ground in Trollhattan, actually working at the Saab Factory as the new head of the company.
I’ve heard from one guy this week saying that today, March 12, will be the last day for Saab USA being housed at GM’s headquarters, the Renaissance Center in Detroit. I’ve not heard anything different, so I assume they’re still moving to Royal Oak, MI, as planned.
Production will re-commence at Saab’s Trollhattan plant on March 22nd. That’s going to be a big day!
The very next day there will be a Dealer meeting in the UK and it’s my understanding that pricing and ordering for the new Saab 9-5 will be available either that day or the next.
On March 29th and 30th there will be a US National Dealer meeting. No word if pricing for that US will be made available then, but it might be reasonable to think so.
And on an unofficial level, there will be a Saab 900 owners gathering in Paris, France.
Get the details over at Etienne’s Saab blog.

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