Monday Night Snippets

It’s great to be back…. but it’s even better to come back on a day with such fantastic news – Saab are back making cars again.
I know they have to get the basics out of the way first due to emissions and fuel economy regulations, but I hope the talk of a more performance oriented model (i.e. a Viggen model) is more than just a bit of spice in a newspaper article.
Personally speaking, I’ve always slanted towards the slightly more special models and I know I’m not the only one.
I love HDR photo processing when it’s done well.
I’m not particularly fond of this color on Saabs (and don’t be offended; I have a 9000 in this color in my driveway) and I’m definitely not keen on those wheels, but in this HDR reflection shot, everything just works so well.
Saab Cars North America are moving into their new home and there’s a rather large article about it in Oakland County’s Daily Tribune newspaper.
It’s the parallel stories of both the Saab sale and the quest to find a new place for Saab to live in the United States.
Definitely a worthwhile read.
THAT Saab 900 convertible is on show again.
The guy who took the photos of IronJoe’s 900 ‘vert for Eurotuner magazine has posted a collection of photos over at Flickr. I believe some of these are photos that weren’t used for the magazine. Definitely worth checking out as this is a sensational car.
I’m car hunting again, for a weekend track/club car.
It’s giving me headaches.

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