More Saab 9-1 photochops

Saab Design and potential 9-1 or 9-2 design seems to be the flavour of the month right now, which is fine with me as I love seeing what you creative people can come up with.
TM has just sent me some sketches, which are based on an Audi A1. The simple rationale for this is Spyker’s existing relationship with Audi (they use Audi engines in the C8) and the fact that the A1 could be considered as a suitable size for platform use (and please don’t get overly analytical about that. It’s not that crucial).
What is more important are the thoughts behind what you see here. I’ll let TM explain:

The two sketches are based on the sketches of the A1 … so I don`t hold full credit for the drawings, but I tried my best to keep in mind all the advice I received the last time.
So let`s see: The front has 99, 2001-9x concept, and AeroX in it.The side has door that go all the way down as the c900, and the back- something between c900 and NG900 stoplights among other things.

And here they are. I quite like both angles…..
9-1 front.jpg
9-1 back.jpg
Thanks to TM for sending these in.
You can view TM’s previous work here and here.
Remember, if it’s not to your taste, be polite and appreciate that someone’s gone to the trouble of doing it anyway. Thanks.

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