Muller to decrease holding in Saab Spyker ownership company

We don’t have a link to this article yet as it’s just hit the wires. I’ll look for one shortly.
UPDATE: The full story is here.
It’s from the ever-reliable Ola Kinnander at Bloomberg. Here are some excerpts…..
March 17 (Bloomberg) — Spyker Cars NV Chief Executive Officer Victor Muller will reduce his stake “within days” after a takeover of General Motors Co.’s Saab Automobile unit left him with a 37 percent holding.
Muller plans to transfer some Spyker shares to an independent company to avoid triggering a mandatory takeover bid under Dutch market rules, the CEO said in an interview. Spyker will decide by next month whether to shift its listing to London or Stockholm to win more investors, he said……
…..”We’re doing a lot of homework to assess the pros and cons of Amsterdam versus London versus Stockholm,” he said. London, while providing easier access to investors, “is completely overregulated and very expensive to be listed. Stockholm is a great market, I think, but relatively small.”
……The buyer of Muller’s stock will be “a new entity that’s going to be incorporated for the sole purpose of holding my shares,” the CEO said by telephone yesterday. Muller said he plans to own about 29.9 percent of Spyker while retaining the option of buying back the remainder later.
and some other news from the same article……
……Karl Lindstroem, an executive from Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ltd., will start March 22 as Saab’s interim chief financial officer, Muller said. Saab didn’t have a CFO under GM.
and some more….
…..The new 9-5 sedan should be starting to arrive at dealers in “about two months,” he said. Saab plans to sell about 16,000 9-5s this year, he said.
I’ll try and find a link and then get it up here so that you can access the full story asap.
Thanks to Jeroen for the text!
ADDENDUM – if there’s any Just Auto members out there, this interview with VM looks like it could be interesting. Just sayin……

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