New Saab 9-5 pricing – Germany

This will throw the cat amongst the pigeons. Not because of the prices, necessarily, but because of the model range that’s mentioned in the brochure.
From Djup Strupe. Click to enlarge.
TTiD, BioPower and the 1.6 litre.
Methinks the German market is being pursued quite aggressively. A good thing, but I’d be fascinated to know why some of these configurations haven’t been mentioned in literature we’ve seen for the Swedish market.
UPDATE – The fine print. Indeed, the models above with asterisks are for the 2011 model year so it’s probably fair to assume they’ll be made available for other European markets as well at that time.
Click to enlarge:
The colors list looks the same, with ‘Oak’ noted as a 2011 color.

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