News from Saab – new BAIC deal and

It’s non-stop action on many different fronts at Saab right now. There’s new and mysterious model variations going on, dealer presentations all around the world, a de-facto spokesman for Russia and in the midst of all that, new goings-on in China and Trollhattan as well.
Saab have had to pay a bill for services rendered by accounting firms Vinge and KPMG, who were hired by the Swedish National Debt Office to assess Saab’s assets when Saab were applying for government loan guarantees. The account came to 39million Swedish crowns, which is a lot of clams.
Just wait til they get my bill!!!!
Saab employees at the factory in Sweden will be having a shorter vacation this Summer. An agreement has been reached to shorten the traditional vacation from 4 weeks down to 3.
I think they’ll cope. It’s not like they’ve been overworked so far this year 🙂
Saab has reached a new agreement with Beijing Automotive. On top of the vehicle tooling they’ve already sold and the ongoing consultancy they’ll have regarding that, Saab now have a marketing agreement with BAIC.
The MoU was signed on Monday and means that Saab will have a foot in the door in China, as well as BAIC possibly having some access to some of Saab’s 1,100 dealers around the world.
This could be the beginning of a long, intricate relationship.
And on that Saab vehicle tooling that BAIC bought…… they’ve already commenced work on a new factory capable of building 150,000 cars a year, as well as an engine plant. Fast movers.

Thanks to MrY and Justyn for tips!

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