Question: What have you bought for your Saab that you wouldn’t want to live without?

Some automobiles are transportation appliances. Not to me, though.
One of the things that I love about cars in general and Saabs in particular is the ability to extend them, to make them your own.
Saab do a pretty good job making the cars perform and keep you comfortable right out of the factory, but that doesn’t stop people looking around and seeing what they can do to make the car just that little bit better.
There’s a never ending range of accessories or enhancements designed to make your car either look, feel or perform better than standard and I’ve got to confess, I’m a sucker for most of them.
As the headline states, is there something you’ve picked up for your Saab that you wouldn’t want to do without?
I’ll give you three:
Steering rack clamp and brace – This one’s not relevant for most of you, but if you’ve got a NG900 or an OG9-3 then this is possibly the most important improvement you can make to the feel of your car. I got one on my Viggen and I was so impressed that it was the first bit of kit I bought when I got my Monte Carlo.
ECU upgrade – I like my cars to be responsive and the great thing about turbocharged cars is they respond brilliantly to ECU tuning. With the Viggen, I made a few modifications that had the car driving magnificently but I never got around to doing an ECU upgrade. Now that I’ve done this upgrade on the Monte Carlo I really wish I had had the chance to get it done on the Viggen. It’s not that I want to drive hard all the time, but when I do, I want to feel it. And the ECU upgrade’s been fantastic for that.
Wheels – Again, not something that’ll be relevant to most of you, primarily because Saab equip their cars with some fantastic wheels when you buy them. But the wheels do maketh the car and when I bought my Monte, it had some old 9-5 wheels that really didn’t suit the sporting nature of the car. Some new 9-3 five-spoke wheels lifted the car 200%.
So….. is there anything you’ve done to or bought for your current Saab that you’ll put at the top of your list for next Saab?

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