Rescue-Saab at the Geneva Motor Show

Did you know that it was one of our SU site sponsors – the guys at MobilForum, Dresden – who were behind the effort?
That effort was one of the first major pooling of supporters and resources to get behind the company and galvanise support for Saab. It was quite the example for others to follow and a big help in getting word out about the campaigns that followed.
It was only fitting, then, that some of the guys from MobilForum got down to the Geneva Motor Show to meet up with Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson to present them with one of their special Rescued-Saab mosaic posters – printed large!
Click to enbiggen it.
And here’s a few more of their happy snaps from the Geneva Show…..
Congratulations to the guys on their efforts and I hope they got to spend some good quality time with the top brass down there in Geneva.

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