Saab #1 of the Spyker Saab era on its way

The first Saab of the new era under Spyker ownership is on its way.
An official photo should be coming soon, but TTELA have already published this story about the car, which will be a new 9-5:
The googletrans………
At 9.15 in the morning today, production director Gunnar Brunius in the yellow string and so was the car production resumed in Saab’s assembly plant.
In other parts of the production chain – painting, pressure and body – the business has already been running for a short time to prepare the way for the “real” production start this morning.
Car builder Linda Wallin stood ready to receive the first car on the line, and she had particular reason to be happy today. She lost the job last spring, but was one of the more than 150 people who re-hired last fall.
– This feels great, great fun. We also feel a great relief and confidence, “says Linda Wallin.
The first car – a Saab 9-5 new model – were provided with the text Saab number 001 of a new era to proclaim that this is the first Saab car built by Spyker as the owner.
On location in the assembly plant at the historic moment was also Spykers CEO Victor Muller and Saab’s Managing Director Jan

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