Saab 9-5 Viggen in the wings???

Saab 9-3 ViggenThis has got to get the faithful a little curious, hasn’t it?
Give us a 9-5 version of this car and I think we’ll be pretty pleased….. road tester, Matt Davis, visited with Victor Muller in Amsterdam. While he was there, he drive the new Saab 9-5 and had a chat with Victor about the future:

– The engine is able to get this great car to 100 km / h on a decent 6.9 seconds. And according to Muller it’s going to get even better with biturbo the Viggen model, “says Davis.

Now, that’s not a quote from Muller. It’s a statement by Davis in the article, apparently based on conversation with Muller.
I’d be fascinated to hear more about this proposed twin-turbo model as it sounds like an absolutely brilliant idea.
The Viggen badge was undersold with the previous version. Though much-loved by everyone who’s owned one (myself included), history will most likely confine the population of Viggen-lovers to those who got to own one and had the time to appreciate its madness. The press never had the patience for it because in stock form out of the factory, the Viggen was a flawed vehicle.
The Viggen badge still has plenty to offer, however. It’s a righteous callback to Saab’s aeronautical past and a fitting name (and badge) for a more aggressive, performance oriented 9-5.
I really hope this quote is based on reality. Getting the Viggen back would a real stake in the ground for Saab.
Oh, and it wasn’t a full road test, but all the comments from Davis about the new Saab 9-5 were quite positive.

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