Saab 9-5 vs BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volvo

There have been a few discussions already here and in the Swedish press about the pricing of the new Saab 9-5.
Jaap O has done a little homework for us all and as you can see, the 9-5 stacks up quite competitively. Something like this might have helped out Dagens Industri last week.
It’s interesting to see the different prices charged for different options by different companies. How come Audi’s alarm is so much cheaper than everyone else’s? And why is BMW’s Bluetooth so much more?
Anyway, questions like those aside, what this points out is that the Saab 9-5 is indeed competitively priced in the Swedish market, especially after you factor in common options and especially against the German competition that Saab sees as its target.
My thanks to Jaap for the work done. Click to enlarge.

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