Saab and Spyker at the Geneva Motor Show

Marcel went and visited the Geneva Motor Show yesterday and provided these fantastic shots of the two company stands.
Looking at these shots, you can’t help but feel they’re companies “on the up”. All the cars look sensational and the word from who’ve visited the the Saab stand, at least, is that interest has been steady all the way through.
My thanks to Marcel for these. Please click to enlarge.
Genf 034.jpg
Genf 001.jpg

Plenty more after the jump…..

Genf 002.jpg
Genf 003.jpg
Genf 004.jpg
Genf 005.jpg
Genf 006.jpg
Genf 015.jpg
Genf 017.jpg
Genf 020.jpg
Genf 023.jpg
Genf 026.jpg
Genf 028.jpg
Genf 032.jpg

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